Kimochis® - (KEY.MO.CHEE) which means “feeling” in Japanese - are plush, educational toys designed to help kids identify, understand and manage their feelings in a fun, comfortable way.   For the different social and emotional challenges our children face at school, at home, among friends or on their own, these multi award-winning educational toys are designed to get children talking, promoting strong parent-child, teacher-child and child to child connections. Kimochis® encourage kids to express themselves as they learn about appropriate feelings-driven behaviours and how to manage the feelings Kimochis® teach, whether that be mad, sad, left out, brave, uncomfortable, jealous, frustrated, silly and beyond.


Nesting Heart

Kimochis® Nesting Heart
The Kimochis® Nesting Heart is one plush heart nestled inside another. When family members or friends are separated, each person can keep a heart as a tangible, playful way to stay connected. Perfect for back-to-school jitters, sleep away summer camps, parents on business trips, best friends, or long distance relatives. The Kimochis Nesting Heart comes with a carabiner and fun activities for creating close family connections


CLOUD™ is a bit unpredictable. One day he is happy, the next he is angry, and then next day - who knows, maybe sad or even happy again. Cloud™ lives in the big sky and loves to travel across the treetops paying visits to all his friends.

Cloud’s™ favourite number is 9. His favourite colour is grey, because there are so many different shades of it - just like his personality. Cloud™ loves butterscotch pudding and green tea. Cloud™ doesn’t play an instrument, but he is a great audience!


Bug is thoughtful and is extremely cautious. He is really smart, a skilled conversationalist and is known to talk himself and others out of any given situation, because he likes to examine all sides. This can sometimes confuse the Kimochis® and make them forget what they were trying to accomplish.

Bug lives in a Manzanita tree. Bug has a swimming hole with a tethered rope swing in the centre of his living room. When the weather gets hot the Kimochis® can always be found splashing around Bug's place!


Huggtopus™ is, needless to say, all smiles and hugs. She is very affectionate and strong and sometimes gets a little carried away by her big friendly personality. Huggtopus™ doesn't know her own strength and can sometimes be a litte overbearing. She always means well but has to learn about boundaries.


Cat is the only Kimochi® who knows what she wants, when she wants it and why. Cat can be very persuasive. When she makes up her mind there there is no stopping her. When the Kimochis® need a leader, they can always count on Cat.

Lovey Dove

Lovey Dove™ is sweet and nurturing and is always there to help smooth out a lumpy situation. If the Kimochis® had one mum they could all share it would be Lovey™. Lovey Dove™ is a great cuddler. She lives in an auburn nest high atop a Japanese Maple Tree. Lovey's™ nest has one bedroom, a kitchen, and a playroom with a magic slide where the Kimochis® spend a lot of time after their homework is done.

Bella Rose

BELLA ROSE is very sweet and conscientious of others. She loves nature and is accepting of all the living wonders that the Kimochis® World can bring. Bella Rose’s sensitive side and ability to empathise always has a way of bringing emotional balance to the group


CLOVER might sleep late, miss the bus, or forget your birthday but he always has the best intentions. Forgetful, a bit careless, but always kind, Clover is a four-leafed friend that doesn’t always have the best of luck. You might call Clover happy go not lucky. Clover’s biggest challenge is to remember to bring his lucky ladybug, Howard with him because he can use all the luck he can get!